Shaquem Griffin One Handed Linebacker Record Breaking 40 Yard Dash

Shaquem Griffin NFL

Linebacker Shaquem Griffin NFL Combine

Shaquem Griffin has had more than an amazing NFL combine surpassing expectation of most! His left hand was amputed at a young age because he was born with a birth defect.

Furthermore, Griffin was a second team All – American in 2017. He did not get invited to the NFL Combine initially, but received a late invitation.

225lbs Bench Press Competition

Griffin used a Prosthetic on his arm and threw up an impressive 20 reps on the 225 lbs bench press competition.

40 Yard Dash

Shaquem Griffin absolutely killing the 40 yard dash is what has everyone buzzing!

His time of 4.38 is the fastest time recorded by a linebacker in 15 years.

What are your thoughts? Do you think he should get a shot in the NFL?

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