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Kafui Hotsonyame

Kafui Fitness From a very young age I have always been extremely active. I started playing competitive soccer at the age of ten and currently still play recreationally. I love to combine functional movements and strength together.  I broke the IPF World deadlift record with a 718.7lbs lift. I have been a personal trainer for 6 years working with clients as young as 15 to as old as 74 years. Whithin the last two years I have focused on coaching strength athletes and powerlifters.  I believe with the right plan to move forward anyone can attain their fitness goals. It just requires hard work, I am here to help you on the way!

Fitness is a journey that does not come overnight. I have put in the hours and have the experience and knowledge to help you.  I use a scientific base sprinkled with a personal touch for all my clients.

Education & Qualifications

  • University Of Guelph – Bachelors of Commerce, Major in Marketing Management
  • University of Guelph Personal Training Institute
  • CanFit Pro Personal Training Specialist
  • MyBoot Camp Certification
  • Good Life Personal Training Institute Certification
  • DTS Lean Body Coach
  • DTS Hypertrophy Fundamentals
  • DTS Conditioning Coach
  • First Aid CPR-C

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Kafui hotsonyame Squatting at the world powerlifting championships

Personal Competition Goals

In March 2020 I become the Canadian National Powerlifting Champ for the 83kg weight class. My future goals are to become the IPF World Champion in the 83 kg weight class.

I have big goals and set high standards for my self, I do the same for every individual that I work with.