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Are Resistance Bands Helpful?

Have you been wondering if you should purchase resistance bands? Here is a short resistance band review which might help you make your decision.

Resistance bands are a great multi purpose tool which can be used for multiple exercises and makes for a great mobility tool and stretching aid.

Let’s take a look at the Resistance Loop Bands by Iron Will Gear. At the time of writing this post this was ranking at the top of Amazons best sellers for fitness products list.

The bundle comes with 6 different resistance bands varying in the level of resistance.


They are made with 100% natural latex they measure 12in x 3in. Iron Will says every band is tested for durability to ensure you do not have to worry about tearing, snapping or rolling.


The resistance bands are easy to pack and carry around making them very portable especially when travelling.

Personal Recomendation

I love using resistance bands. I think they are great tool and I use them almost daily for warm-ups and my cool down. I have used a variety of different resistance bands over the years and most brands have done the trick for me.

Here are 4 great shoulder stretches you can use a resistance band for.

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