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Join an amazing and growing fitness platform. We have an aim to simplify the clutter in the fitness industry.  We accept interesting articles that are fitness based and will provide value to our audience! Articles will also be shared on our social media platforms.


1.Your post MUST be original content. If your post has been published anywhere else on the web it will not be approved.

2.Posts must be a minimum of 500 characters.

3. Properly add citations if you have taken information from any other source.

4. Make sure you proofread and have fully edited your post.

5. No affiliate links.

How to Submit a post?

Email Your article should be in plain text. You can include one image, subject to change, we will add images as appropriate.

You can include a short bio no longer than 100 characters, with links to your social media platforms which we will link in the post. Additionally, you include a small headshot photo for your bio.


We want fresh, accurate and interesting content! We will approve any type of article Fitness related that aligns with our values. Additionally,  Major topics that are commonly needed include:

  1. Fitness & Health
  2. Nutrition
  3. Weight Loss
  4. Workouts
  5. Fitness Niches
  6. Athletes
  7. Sports
  8. Mobility and Stretching

Thank you in advance for your submission. The post will be reviewed and posted if the content is accepted.

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