Learn Why Rear Delt Exercises Hold the Key To Strong Shoulders

back of woman-rear delt

Rear Delt Exercises

Before getting into rear delt exercises lets take a step back and look at what are your rear delts? Rear deltoids are the muscles at the back of your shoulder. Additionally, they are also external rotators of your shoulder. Meaning they help to pull your shoulders back.

Importance of Rear Delts?

Most individuals especially newbies are quick start bench and shoulder pressing. There is nothing wrong with these exercises, but the problem is they only target your anterior muscles. The muscles at the front of your chest and shoulders. This will create muscular imbalances which can lead to bad posture and shoulder pain.

How To Fix

The easiest way to fix this problem would be to avoid with a balanced workout plan right from the start. For many people this is not the case. It will be important to stretch the anterior muscles of your chest and shoulders and do mobility exercises for your shoulder capsule.

Face Pulls

One of my favourite rear delt exercises is face pulls. It can be done with a resistance band or the rope attached to cable weights. See the video below for more in-depth tutorial on the exercise.

More Rear Delt Exercises

  1. Rear delt machine.
  2. Standing cable reverse fly.
  3. One-arm bent-over cable lateral raise.
  4. Bent-over dumbbell lateral raise.
  5. Seated bent-over lateral raise.

Additional Notes

A huge common mistake people make when it comes balancing their workout is thinking training lats will adequately balance out chest training. You lats are also internal rotator’s of your shoulder. The combination of only the two can further facilitate a bad posture. This reinforces the importance of rear delt exercises.


A set of resistance bands would be great starter tool for your shoulder rehab! You can use these bands to stretch your shoulders and strengthen them with exercises like face pulls!

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