Your Ultimate Guide to De-Stressing

woman de-stressing

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Author: Stephanie Hayward

It seems that we’re always being told that we need to relax and stress less, but aside from taking a warm bubble bath or a quick breather, what else is there to do? With time constraints, a busy household and work responsibilities, it feels impossible. The catch, however, is that if we don’t take time for ourselves and if we don’t rely on self-care, the potential for burning out is real, and very unhealthy. Lucky for you this guide from Kafui Fitness is filled with some great ideas to help you lower your stress levels.

Make Your Home a Relaxing Haven

Room By Room Stress Reducers for Your Home

Learn how to return your home to once again being a positive environment where you go to escape and relax.

How To Use Essential Oils In Every Room In Your Home

Understand the emotional effects of different scents to achieve the right mood. Citrus, specifically, brings bright notes and a sense of freshness.

Top 10 Tips for Decluttering

Utilize simple and quick ways to declutter so that your home doesn’t become a stressful chore.

9 Peaceful Paint Colors To Help You Relax

Changing up the color of your walls is a simple and budget-friendly way to enhance the mood of a room.

Seek Out Treatment for Stress

Talking to Your Doctor About Your Mental Health

If you’re feeling stressed, anxious, or depressed, don’t be afraid to talk with your doctor about it.

Everything You Need To Know About Therapy

Therapy is a beneficial tool in keeping your mental health in check, but what can you expect in therapy?

It’s Official: Pets Benefit Our Mental Health

If you don’t already have a pet but have considered getting one, let these mental health benefits convince you.

Give Outdoor Activities a Try

The 19 Physical & Mental Benefits of Being Outside

You’ve heard being outside is good for you, but where are the facts?

9 Ways Mountain Biking Can Boost Your Mental Health

Combine a breath of fresh air, gorgeous views, a physical workout, and a mental health boost to boot via mountain biking.

Top Mental Health Benefits Of Kayaking

If being on the water is more your speed, give kayaking a try to clear your head and strengthen your upper body

The Mental Health Benefits Of Going For A Walk Can Last For 7 Hours

You don’t have to engage in strenuous physical activity to reap the benefits of being outdoors; just go for a walk.

Find an Outlet

Ramp Up Your Fitness

Having the same workout all the time gets boring and makes it easy to hit a plateau. To kick your routine up a bit, Kafui Fitness can provide a customized workout plan and they even offer online fitness coaching.

Art Activities for Stress Relief

Drawing, painting, doodling, sculpting – dabbling in the arts is a great stress-reliever.

Bullet Journaling for Mental Health

If you’ve never heard of bullet journaling, it’s a game changer as far as tracking your current mental health status via an organized and attractive system.

5 Ways Yoga Benefits Your Mental Health

Yoga doesn’t require that you twist yourself into a pretzel…There are different types, and all are a go-to for stress relief and improved mental health.

7 Ways Reading Can Help Your Mental Health

Put down your phone, put your feet up, and pick up a good book

Gardening is Great For Stress Relief

Known for stress relief, focusing on your yard and gardening are great ways to unwind. And if you opt for a vegetable garden, the benefits multiply! It’s easy to talk about stressing less but finding ways to actually do it takes some work on your end. To avoid burnout and truly take care of yourself, it’s critical to find a variety of methods to reduce stress. Thankfully, there are plenty of self-care strategies you can incorporate easily into your lifestyle. This guide details plenty of ways to get you started, so try one today!

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