Why Powerlifters Should do Platz Squats?

What is the Platz Squat?

The Platz squat is high bar narrow stance squat variation usually done with your heels elevated. This will cause your knees to push forward in an upright position. The exercise is named after Tom Platz who famously used this variation to grow well developed legs! Due to the narrow stance and elevation Platz squats place a higher demand on your quadriceps.

How Can the Platz squat be beneficial for a powerlifter?

A lot of powerlifters tend to be posterior chain dominant. Especially if they squat in a wider low bar squat stance. Platz squat helps to develop your quads. Furthermore, if your quads are one of the weaker areas, this exercise can go a long way in helping you become a more all around lifter.

Platz squats are also a great exercise choice if you are working out in a home gym scenario and don’t have access to all the equipment at the gym that you would generally use to target your quads.