Impressive 9 Year Old Weightlifter Deadlifts 220lbs! | Rory Van Ulft

Who is Rory Van Ulft?

Rury Van Ulft is a prominent 9 year old female weightlifter. She has multiple Youth National titles.

Rory Van Ulft’s deadlift

April 5, 2022 Rory shared a video to her instagram page where she deadlifted 100kg/220.5 lbs without wearing a belt. That is a respectble weight for the average adult gym goer let alone a 9 year old!

It also even more impressive because Rory is a weightlifter so she doesn’t necesarily train the deadlift like how powerlifters would. She did pull the weight using straps which would not be allowed in a raw powerlifting competition. But we will take nothing away from the incredibly strong girl!

Check out the video below:

Rory shows great patience as the barbell is slow to come off the ground and she finished the lift nice and clean!

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