Implement This to Become a Better Athlete

As an athlete there are steps and habits we can create to setup success in the long run.

We will discuss 3 aspects you can start implementing today, which will help you become a better athlete.

How To Understand Failure?

Failure is a part of sport and life. It happens to all of us and often times we try to hid it. What we really need to do is embrace failure and learn from it. As an athlete it is important to decrease the time between failure and your next attempt… (whithin reason and when smart to do so). This will be an important step in helping to get over your shortcoming in order to grow and move forward.

I left the caveat when it makes sense as depending on your sport or action. Repeating the action that lead to failure might not always be the best course of action. For example if you are a powerlifter that just failed a max attempt. It won’t be the best idea to load up the same weight a minute later. You should go back to the drawing board work on your weak points and plan your subsequent training blocks with an aim to get stronger so that the next time you attempt that number you will hit it!

How to Effectively harness feedback?

An important part of growth is feedback. This does not only apply to your sport but overall life and personal growth. You can seek feedback from your coach, trainer or teammates. Furthermore, self analysis and feedback is also very important. It shows you are able to critically assess your self and break down what went wrong and how you can improve.

How to put it all together – Follow Through

Nothing matters unless you follow through! Set goals, make a schedule and stick to what you say you are going to do! So many failures are built on the fact that individuals fail to follow through. Making this simple change in your life will go a long way in making you a better athlete and contributing personal development.

Implement these three strategies and you will see results!