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Ab Workout

Improve your performance and look better with this functional ab workout

Great ab workout for anyone especially athlete’s. This workout forces your abdominal muscles to work in a functional manner.  It builds strength in your abs by moving through different positions of stability.

This workout consists of three exercises

  1. Sled Pull – Get into plank position while having your feet in a wide stance. Use one arm for balance and your other arm to pull the rope attached to sled towards you until the sled is right in-front of you. This works multiple muscles mainly your abdominal’s and your lats. It is very important to keep your hips square and abs tight.
  2. Seated Stability Holds – The next exercise requires two people. One partner will sit on the exercise ball at about a 45 degree angle holding a dowel or rod overhead. The other partner is standing with a resistance band attached to the rod. Whoever is standing is doing lateral rows and the person sitting has to stabilize their abs against the resistance of the individual standing.
  3. Oblique V Sit Medicine Ball Toss – This exercise will target your obliques. Sitting on your tail bone with your legs raised, power the ball towards the wall using your obliques.

See the full Workout Below

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Benefits of a Functional Ab Workout

Your abdominal muscles have many functions which include protect your internal organs, stabilize your trunk and offload load on your lower back. They are a very important group of muscles. Additionally, they also look pretty cool when you have a low body fat percentage and you are sporting a slick 6 pack at the beach.

  1. Improves coordination
  2. Improves balance
  3. Strong abdominal’s can help reduce lower back pain
  4. Look and feel better

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