Kafui Hotsonyame Re-Breaks Canadian National Deadlift Powerlifting Record

National record deadlift

Guelph Powerlifter Breaks National Record And Secures Bronze Medal at the Canadian National Powerlifting Championships!

Kafui had a perfect day going 9/9 with his lifts. His third attempts were the following:

250kg/551lbs squat
160kg/352lbs bench
317.5kg/699.9 lbs (National record) deadlift.

727.5/1603.8lbs total

Kafui grew up playing soccer and would always default to strength training on his off-season until last year when he completely committed to the sport of powerlifitng.

Kafui originally broke the National Record at Provincials November of 2018 and re-broke his own milestone March 2019 in Ottawa.

He also secured a place as an alternate on the team Canada World Championships team.