Hip Health – Strengthen, Stretch, Mobilize

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Keeping your hips healthy

Do you ever feel tightness, pain or pinching in your hips? Your hip flexors are made up of your rectus femoris, psoas and iliacus (aka iliopsoas) and sartorius. These muscles attach to your hip (inominate bone) and leg (femur & Tibia). The function of your hip flexors are to draw together the bones of the leg and the bones of the hip or spine at the hip joint. To make it easier you can think of pulling your leg in closer to your waist or chest.

Causes of Hip Pain or Tightness

There can be many factors that lead to hip pain. If you have a desk job or spend the majority of time sitting down. This will put your hip flexors in a constant state of flexion overtime causing these muscles to tighten and become stiff.

Another factor to think about are weak hip flexors. Sometime if you have weak hip flexors you may actually feel tightness in your hips and think the cause is tight hip flexors.

In the video below we are going to provide some ways to stretch and strengthen your hip flexors in order to improve your hip health.

I would recomend seeing a professional to help diagnose and treat your hip pain if you have pro-longed problems

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