Strength Workout Program Template

Squat at the world powerlifting championships

Strength Workout Program

This program is built to help you get stronger!

  • Get stronger by strictly following the prescribed rpe (rate of percieved exertion).
  • Properly manage fatigue and work levels to optimize strength
  • Build you strength foundation which will help you beyond the gym
  • Properly prepare to peak if you are entering a competition
  • Great for anyone looking to improve strength

This program is 16 weeks in duration and is designed to peak your squat bench and dead lift focusing on those workout and using appropriate accessory exercises.

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16 Week Strength Program

You get an attachment with the 16 week strength program. Additionally, you will get access to the mobile app which you can add the workouts to create a schedule and manage and track your macro (food intake). An all in one training tool!

Once you login go the my files section to find your plan. If you don’t see it email

Do you want more hands on coaching? We also offer personalized strength coaching program and video analysis. If you are serious about taking your training to the next level coaching will be the best option as you will recieve personal plans catered towards you including video and movement analysis.

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About Kafui:

Kafui is a World level powerlifter. He broke the IPF World record and currently holds the Canadian deadlift record for the 83kg weight class.